Top 5 football teams with the most fans in the World

The FIFA World cup, or the World Cup, is certainly one of the most awaited competitions in the football world, and a lot of different teams compete in it. It is a competition that is held every four years and is certainly a prestigious tournament that teams join in order to get recognition. It happens in different countries every time it is held and is popular for garnering a lot of fans watching the games. It has been hosted by at least 17 countries so far. If you have just gotten into the football world, it would be nice to learn more about them. To give you an idea, below are the top five teams that have the most fans in the World Cup.

Real Madrid

The most followed football team in the world is none other than Real Madrid. They have more than 272 million fans, and while they have already lost Cristiano Ronaldo, they have still been winning a lot of trophies in every game that they play. They have a worldwide range of supporters varying in age and have fans that have been loyal to them since they were one. This is certainly because of their unwavering performance in terms of the games.

FC Barcelona

There is probably no fan in the world that does not know FC Barcelona, as it is one of the best teams in the world. They have more than 250 million fans around the globe, and they are certainly popular because they have produced tons of great players. One of the most popular members of their team is Lionel Messi, who has made tons of history in football. There is no doubt that they are a strong team, and that is all the more reason why fans always anticipate them every World Cup.

Manchester United

If you are a Brit, then you might have grown up watching Manchester United play. It is the most supported team in England, with more than 165 million followers. They have a lot of fans across the world, and they are very popular. They used to be managed by Sir Alex Ferguson and are known as one of the most successful teams that England has ever produced. They have a good track record as well, which is why they have such a huge following.

Paris Saint-Germain

The best football team in France is Paris Saint-Germain, with more than 121 million followers. They have fans from across the globe and are known to be the only French team to make it to this list. They are also one of the fastest-growing teams, with new players applying to be their members. They have been signing new players from the Big League, such as Messi and Neymar, which has brought them fans over.


The Old Lady of Juventus is Italy’s number one team, and they have been thoroughly supported as well. They won the Serie A titles consecutively for eight years and have bought Cristiano Ronaldo to their team. This resulted in a huge shift in the fanbase, earning them more than 109 million fans in the process. They have certainly been playing their best, and this has surely factored in some loyal fans for them. They have been good at the games they play and have shown top performances, and with the addition of Ronaldo, they are expected to get even better. The top five teams mentioned above are the ones that have the most fans. They have fans because they have a star player or they have been doing good in all the games they play. Regardless, if you are new to football, knowing these teams might just be what you need to get into the games.

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