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Making the most of Genshin Impact’s Nilou: the important details

Nilou is one of the characters in Genshin Impact, and she is a pretty popular character as well. However, without knowing her full capabilities, it would be to your disadvantage to using her in the game. This is why it is important to learn more about her and what she can do so that you can fully utilize her abilities and make the best out of your play. To help you out, below are all the important details that should help you know about how you can use this character to win the game.


Nilou is actually a dancer, and she has elegant and graceful dancing skills, especially when she is in the spotlight. However, out of it, she is just like any girl of her age, and she is very friendly and warm.

Dance of Samser

Nilou is a woman of many talents, and this includes the abilities that you would be able to use when you choose her as your character. Her normal attack mode is named the Dance of Samser, and it can do up to three consecutive strikes of her sword. While her charged attack consumes some stamina, it is a twirling slash that is able to strike off the enemy. She also has a plunging attack that she uses from mid-air to strike the enemy on the ground so that she can damage all the opponents that may be in her path.

Dance of Haftkarsvar

She also has a skill called the Dance of Haftkarsvar, where Nilou will do a pirouette and damage all the nearby opponents. This skill relies heavily on her max HP so if you want to use this, you should have a pretty high HP. In this skill, she has the sword dance, where she does a luminous illusion and gives hydro damage to any opponent that gets in touch with her. It also gives a lunar prayer effect and deals huge damage. She also has whirling steps where she does a whirling water wheel which allows her to damage her enemies. While she is not able to perform any charge attack when she is in a pirouette or lunar prayer, when she leaves the battlefield, she can use them again.

Dance of Abzendegi

This is the dance of the faraway dreams, and it can help Nilou deal damage to opponents in a burst. This would rely heavily on her Max HP as well, so it is necessary to have a high max HP to deal huge damage to any opponent. It is a pretty heavy attack that will certainly hit the opponent, given that the max HP is considerably high as well.

Court dancing of petals

This is the first ascension, and it triggers a bloom reaction which will help in increasing the mastery of all nearby characters to Nilou. If you happen to be in a group play, this should help your teammates and make sure that everyone will benefit from it. It shows that as much as Nilou is great on her own, she is also a team player that everyone can rely on from time to time.

Twirling light

This specific skill increases the level of the dance of Haftkarsvar so that it can deal more damage to the opponents. It can easily increase the level up to three. The maximum level that can be reached is 15, so this should be something to consider when using this skill. Using Nilou can help you achieve victory as long as you know how to use the character properly. In line with that, all the skills above are certain things to look forward to when using her, so you might as well figure out how to use them properly.

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