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FNAF Security Breach – Your Favorite Game

A walkthrough of Freddy’s security breach

A total of 6 endings you shall come across at Five Nights at Freddy’s Security breach. Here you shall be guided through unlocking the endings of the game. All these endings have a rating of stars to them from 1 to 3. It is based on the difficulty of achieving them. 

  • Bad Ending (1 star)

This is the easiest of all the endings. To achieve this ending, you got to exit the Pizzaplex at 6 am, from the front door. 

  • Good Ending (2 star)

At 6 am go to the front door of Pizzaplex and stay instead of leaving. After that get a Security Pass for Level 7. Then, proceed to Basement 1 to the Loading Docks. Then move towards the Exit Door that is near the Loading Docks Controls. Although this is a wholesome ending still you shall not be able to solve the Pizzaplex secrets.

  • VIP Room – Vanny Unmasked Ending (2 star)

First, you shall be required to complete the ‘Prize Counter’ mission in order to unlock this ending. It is only at the end of it that you shall reach the objective to ‘Find the VIP room at the back of the Prize Counter.’  While doing so you shall come across the Fire escape emergency exit that appears at the back of the Prize Counter. But you shall not be able to use it while you are still on the mission of Prize Counter.’ In order to use the exit, you got to collect Golden Freddy Montgomery Gator’s room, which is at Rockstar Row. In order to trigger this ending, you may have to collect the 6 Golden Plushies. 

As you fulfill this criterion, move to the front door of the Pizzaplex at 6 am and stay instead of leaving.  After that move to the fire escape emergency exit that is at the back of the Pizza Counter on the 3rd floor. interact to start the ending.

  • True Canon Ending (2 stars)

Go to the front door of the Pizzaplex at 6 am and stay instead of leaving. You shall get the second Party Pass from Freddy. Use it to complete the mission. It shall help you to upgrade Freddy completely. Once upgraded, move to Roxy Raceway using the door that is near the place where you got the Robot’s Head. Get down the stairs and use the elevator t reach down to the Old Pizzeria. Jump down the hole to reach the bottom of the Old Pizzeria. Once you defeat the Springtrap boss, the ending shall get unlocked.

  • Worst Ending (2 star)

While on the Fazer Blast mission, you shall find a vent in the room where you have picked your prize. Enter the vent to reach the other side of the room. As you turn left, you shall see Vanny’s Liar. Move ahead reaching the front door of the Pizzaplex at 6 am. Now you shall get three options. Vanny, leave and stay. Choose Vanny. You shall find a cutscene that will take you to Fazerblast. Walk to the door that you see ahead. It shall bring you to Vanny’s Liar. As you press the button there, it shall bring the worst ending. 

  • Best Ending (3 star)

As you play the 3 Princess Quest Arcade games, this ending shall get unlocked. 

Princess Quest 1

To enter this arcade machine, enter the shutter door at the right to the Roxy Raceway. Then enter the Glamrock Beauty Salon and go to its backroom. You shall find the Princess Quest Arcade machine at the corner.

Princess Quest 2

You shall find this arcade machine at Fazcade. At the main stage area, take the elevator to the third floor. after that, take the stairs to the left and go to the top floor. Then turning right, move to the end of the hall that has many arcade machines. At the end of the hall, you shall see a door to the left. Enter and walk straight. Turning left go to the end of the hall. There you shall get the Princess Quest 2.

Princess Quest 3

After playing the two Princess Quest Arcade games, go to the front door of the Pizzaplex and choose again the Vanny option amongst the two others. You shall again find a cutscene reaching you to Fazerblast. Taking the front door, walk straight. You shall reach Vanny’s Liar where you shall see Princess Quest 3. Complete it to get the best ending.

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