History of World Cup Football Sports 

History of World Cup Football 

The World Cup Football or the FIFA World Cup is a very popular football game tournament simply because it is the largest out there. It is organized by members of the Federation Internationale de Football Association or better known as FIFA, which is the governing body of football. It is something that football players around the world always look forward to since it only happens once every four years. If you want to know more about the History of World Cup Football, below are some things that you ought to know about.  

The first football match 

The first football match that happened internationally was in 1872, and it occurred in Glasgow. It was a competition between Scotland and England, and at the time, it was not as popular of a game as it is now. By the end of that century, the football world championship was a term that was used only for the competition between teams from England and Scotland. However, it was not until the twelfth century that football gained more popularity all over the world, and then national football associations of different countries were then formed. Some of the first countries that had these were Spain, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. 

The beginnings  

It was in 1930 that FIFA decided that they were going to start their personal international tournament, and this was why the 1932 Summer Olympics did not include football in the game list. The History of World Cup Football includes the FIA and the IOC disagreeing on the status of the players, and so football was dropped from the Olympics. It was then that the president of FIFA at the time, Jules Rimet, organized the World Cup tournament for the sake of the players. They named Uruguay as the host country for the first game, and they then invited selected countries to participate. However, the choice of the country meant a long trip for a lot of teams, so there was no single European team that joined. Luckily, they were able to convince teams such as those from Romania, Belgium, Hungary, and France. In total, 13 nations joined the first World Cup that was held in Uruguay.  

Four years later 

Four years later, in 1934, the World Cup was hosted by Italy, and it involved a qualification stage. Sixteen teams then qualified for the main tournament but what marked the most was that the Uruguay titleholders, that were disappointed with the no-show of the European teams boycotted the World Cup. Since Paraguay and Bolivia were also absent, Brazil and Argentina did not have to go through qualifying matches.  

The third world cup 

In the 1938 world cup, it was held in France, and Argentina and Uruguay boycotted the competition. This is the first time that the host country was given an automatic pass to be in the main tournament without having to go through qualifications. Certainly, this is something that was going to be the start of new things in the History of World Cup Football. 

World War II 

During World War II, FIFA had a lot of troubles as they had no financial backing, so the tournament was not pushed through. Although there was a plan to push it again after the war ended, there was no country that could host the 1949 FIFA, so it was also canceled while all the other countries recuperated from the war.  

Post World war 

In the 1950s, FIFA resumed operations and was able to host another World Cup that year, and it was in Brazil and was the first World Cup that had British participants. This is also the tournament where the Uruguay champions joined the competition that won from the 1930s that boycotted the world cup for a lot of time.  

Televised World cup 

The next World Cup was held in Switzerland in 1954, and it was the first one that was televised. The Soviet Union was not able to participate in this World Cup because of their performance in the Olympics two years before the world cup. Scotland made their first appearance but was unable to get a win. The tournament was also one of the highest-scoring games in the History of World Cup Football. 

The 1960s World Cup 

The 1962 World Cup was held in Chile, and two years before this particular tournament, a large earthquake struck, which meant FIFA officials had to control damage and had to rebuild things. Pele from Brazil got injured in a match with Czechoslovakia. Chile got third place, and the competition was quite a rough one with a lot of violent tactics. It was quite a site to behold, and not a lot of countries were happy with how everything went down. 

On the 1966 World Cup, which was held in England, the marketing was something else as there was now an official logo and a mascot for the event. Although there were some issues with the qualifying rounds that resulted in the African side withdrawing in protest, the rest of the things ended up quite well.  

The current situation 

Now, the 2022 World Cup is going to be held in Qatar, and it is something that will surely go down in history as well. The tournament will be taking place from the 21st of November to the 18th of December. It is expected to be star-studded with all the countries sending their best players. It is also noted that there were a lot of complaints this early into the tournament since the FIFA association wants to include cameras inside the locker rooms of players when the coaches are against it and wants to give the players some privacy before the game.  

The History of World Cup Football is true quite a fascinating feat, and if you are a fan of the game, then you have just learned a lot of interesting facts that are sure to help you out in understanding things better. The football industry is a fun game as things are as messy as every other game can be at times.  Moreover, for World Cup Qatar 2022, one of the France football player, Juventus star Paul Pogba could miss France’s World Cup defence in Qatar due to injury.

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