Gabriel Jesus has left Manchester CitySoccer 

Gabriel Jesus has left Manchester City

 Gabriel Fernando de Jesus is a 25-year-old professional football player for the Brazil national team. He started his career at Palmeiras and was voted as the Best Newcomer there. It was in 2016 that he won his first national league title, and in 2017, he signed with Manchester City, an English football club. However, the hot news is that Gabriel Jesus has left Manchester City. According to some official news, he has sadly left his old club and went with a new one, and below are some details you should not miss out on.  

Permanent transfer 

de Jesus has left Manchester City 11 trophies after but on good terms. Even the Director said that he is a very good young professional and they thank him for everything that he has done for Manchester City ever since he came. The man praised de Jesus for his dedication and hard work. They also said that they wished him the best in everything that they plan to do in the future. De Jesus has now moved to Arsenal.  

Early life 

de Jesus was born in Sao Paulo, and he started joining amateur clubs in the region of Jardim Peri. He was signed to a contract with Palmeiras on 2013, where he started showing off his potential by scoring about 54 goals in all the 48 matches that he was in. After a lot of talk and negotiations, he signed another contract with Palmeiras with an increase in salary and a higher fee to buy him out. While he was in Palmeiras, he scored about 37 goals for just 22 games. He was also included in the senior match on 2014, even if he was left as a substitute. In 2016, he made a senior debut off the bench.  


Gabriel Jesus has left Manchester City, but way before that, he was already making waves in the industry. He even joined the Campeonato Brasiliero Serie A, where they tied with Atletico Mineiro on the season. He is a very professional young man that does his best in everything he does. In the Agremiacao Sportiva Arapiraquense, he sported a shoulder injury that pushed him to get substituted.  

Moving to Arsenal 

On the 4th of July 2022, de Jesus signed a contract for the long term to Arsenal, and he was assigned the number nine jersey. The duration of the contract remains undisclosed, together with the price of his salary, but a lot of sources say that he closed a five-year contract at a forty-five million pound deal.  

Gabriel Jesus has left Manchester City officially, but you can only hear good words from the people that he has encountered. This shows that he was a well-mannered professional that really did his best in everything that he did. This must also be the reason why there are a lot of clubs that have been looking forward to getting him scouted. With his track record on how many goals he scores on games, Arsenal should really be looking forward to getting him on their team.  

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