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England is yet to sell all tickets for World Cup 2022

The famous FIFA World Cup 2022, which will be happening in Qatar a little later in the year, has yet to sell out its tickets. This is quite alarming since this means that a lot of people have not reserved their seats for the game yet. England is yet to sell all tickets for World Cup 2022, and they also are now aware of the other teams that will be in their group, which are Iran, the USA, and Wales. And while the other tree has not that much of a fixture, they still rank higher than England. England’s group games have sold more in 2018 than they do right now. If you are interested in buying a ticket for the event, below are some things that you ought to know about.

Official site

One of the ways in which the World Cup tickets can be purchased is through the official site of FIFA, but fans will need to create an account on their portal. In the current World Cup, about 1.8 million tickets have already been sold. Some of the countries with the highest ticket buying rates are Canada, France, Spain, the USA, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

The second round of tickets

FIFA says that the second round of ticket sales has been closed, but England has yet to sell all tickets for World Cup 2022. The fans will still have a chance to buy tickets in the third round of sales tickets. But this will be closed on 10 am BST in August. All the remaining tickets will be available on a first-come-first-served basis. The queue system will do the distribution depending on the time you have logged into the site. Thus, if you are interested, you might want to log in now and check it out.

Is there a resale?

There will be no resale of the tickets, and they will only be available through The only way that the tickets can be sold or transferred is by giving written permission. This is written in the Ticket Transfer policy as well as the Resale policy for the tickets. Thus, if you purchase a ticket outside of the official site, then you are highly at risk as FIFA is allowed to cancel them anytime without issuing a refund at all.

Sustainability campaign

FIFA and Qatar’s Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy are known to have a sustainability campaign, and this means that they are pushing to help in offsetting the carbon emissions that would be associated with the world cup. They are convincing ticket holders to get involved with this. They are encouraging fans to raise a green card for the planet before the tournament to get involved in this particular project. At the end of the day, England has yet to sell all tickets for World Cup 2022, but this also means that there are more slots left if you are interested in buying a ticket for them. You still have your chance until the 10th of august, so you might want to give it a try

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