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Best Soccer Defenders Of All Time 

As one of the greatest sporting events on earth, FIFA World Cup 2022, Qatar is soon approaching, let us give a look at 5 of the best soccer defenders of all time. They say, the word ‘Attack wins you games but it is the defense that earns you trophies.” So, let us give a look at a few of the great defenders. 

  1. Paolo Maldini 

This is one player who would take the ball off the striker’s foot in the blink of an eye. Whenever the list of best defenders is made, his name always finds a place in it. his dedication and loyalty on the field are unparallel. During his early twenties, he formed some of the great partnerships with Mauro Tassotti, Franco Baresi, and many others. In fact, Baresi and he were in the central defense and were one of the best pairs in the history of the game. Out of 196 games, they had only conceded 23 goals. His presence on the field as a captain had earned him the moniker ‘IlCaptino.’ He had won seven Serie A titles along with five UEFA Champions Leagues. His talent and charisma make him the best defender. 

  1. Franz Beckenbauer  

Der Kaiser as his teammates would call him was a born leader. He was one of the most versatile defenders in the history of the game. He not only was a great shield for the goalkeeper but also provided his knowledge on the pitch which was valuable in turning the match.  For the major part of his career, he played for Bayern Munich and won three consecutive Bundesliga titles and three consecutive European Cups as well. His contribution to the 1974 World Cup Final Netherlands is greatly remembered. 

  1. Franco Baresi 

He was great support for AC Milan for more than 20 years. Even during the worst phase of his club, he stood up strongly and fought back his team to victory. He was the go-to man during any tactical decision-making for the club. His indomitable presence of mind would leave the striver clueless on the pitch. Piscinin or the little one as he was often called, steered many victories for his club against tough situations. He had led his club to win six Serie A titles along with three UEFA Champions League. 

  1. Bobby Moore 

He was one such great defender of England, who was lauded by Pele too. he was a great leader on the pitch. For West Ham, he had played more than 600 games. Under his leadership, his team won the FA Cup, UEFA Cup, and the Winners’ Cup as well. he was the man who inspired the team to win the 1966 World Cup. 

  1. Gaetano Scirea 

He is only one of the five players to have won every single trophy recognized by FIFA and UEFA. He was the star of the 1982 World Cup. Everyone on the pitch respected him for his technical ability and finesse.  He had won his club seven Serie A titles. In the honor of him, the southern stand of the Juventus Stadium has been named Curva Scirea. 

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