All the things you should know about Marcos Alonso 

Marcos Alonso is a 28-year-old football player that plays for Chelsea and the Spain national team. While he started off being at Real Madrid, he truly made a name for himself on his stay in Bolton Wanderers in England as well as Fiorentina when he was in Italy. His successes from his previous clubs led him to where he is now: Chelsea. He was signed by the club for about 24 million pounds in 2016, where he continued showing exemplary results by winning multiple honors with the team for the Premier League and the UEFA Champions League title.  

Personal Life 

When it comes to his personal life, Alonso’s grandfather is actually Marquitos, Marcos Alonso Imaz, who played with Real Madrid. His father, Marcos Alonso Pena, also played for Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. Basically, his family is a line of professional football players, and it was not a surprise that he also became himself. However, on the 3rd of May in 2011, Alonso caused a death of a young woman due to drunk driving, so he faced prison time for about less than two years.  

International Career 

Alonso was called up for the Spain national team and debuted on the 27th of March, 2019. He had to replace Jordi Alba with only 11 minutes left, and that made a huge impact as it meant being able to have a family of three generations being able to make it worldwide in the football team. Without a doubt, it is one of the best times of his football life.  

Club careers 

Alonso has a lot of teams that he has been in, such as Real Madrid, Bolton Wanderers, Fiorentina, Sunderland on loan, and Chelsea, which is his current team. Below is a quick summary of how his club career went.  

Real Madrid 

As a child, Marcos Alonso joined the youth academy of Real Madrid and went on to represent that side during his younger days. He also competed in the second division and was a reserved player for his first appearance in 2008. In December of 2019, he was put into the main squad, where Manuel Pellegrini served as a coach. 

Bolton Wanderers 

Joining Bolton wanderers has indeed changed his life as he made a competitive debut, and he started up by replacing Paul Robinson. He scored his first goal on 2021 for the club and has grown a lot with them. He becomes a full-back player and a consistent one, too, at that. Certainly, it has contributed a lot to his growth.  


After his time with Bolton Wanderers, he moved to Fiorentina on a three-year deal and made nine official appearances until he went and got loaned out for some time.  


His current team is Chelsea, and he has now signed a five-year contract with them. He has continuously been growing to his full potential over the years. 

Marcos Alonso is without a doubt one of the most powerful players in the league, and that is the very reason why a lot of clubs have been scouting him.  

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